EVERY technological change presents our society with a new set of challenges and opportunities. Digital media has been welcomed into our homes and schools across the nation and the world. A recent PEW study reported that 24% of teens use digital media “almost constantly”. iPads are becoming the new iNanny to thousands of babies and toddlers as families are increasingly employing these devices for caretaking and edu-tainment, despite the fact that it’s only been 5 years since its release. While parents recognize the tremendous benefits of the internet and digital media, parents need to understand the benefits and the harms and dangers. They’re also desperate for answers to questions such as how much exposure to allow, how does digital media use change the family dynamic, and what types are safe to expose children to?

We have joined forces with top researchers, doctors, educators and other experts to compile resources to help parents navigate the uncharted challenges to keep our children safe.

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