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Our Founder


Dr. Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra is the President of Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development, an international, interdisciplinary, nonprofit organization that she founded in 2013 to support and advance objective, high-quality scientific research, identify and nurture talent, educate and inform the public and provide policy makers with actionable information. Using her medical degree, non-profit experience, philanthropic resources and a long-standing interest in media and children, Dr. Hurst-Della Pietra has become one of the field’s leading conveners, curators, and grant-makers.

A Long Island-based philanthropist along with her husband Stephen, a few recent projects include endowing a chair in biomedical imaging at Stony Brook Medicine, starting the Della Pietra Lecture Series at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, which brings the best and brightest minds of our time in science and math to high school and college students on Long Island and developing a weekend enrichment program for gifted high school students in math and science. Pamela also developed the Mount Career Laboratory, a series of hands-on career workshops, which helped that school earn New York State’s Blue Ribbon of Excellence. She served on the President’s task force of the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital and has also worked as the founding director of several highly successful non-profit organizations and programs. Early in her career, Dr. Hurst-Della Pietra worked in television production for children’s educational programs such as Sesame Street. In addition to being the Founder and President of Children and Screens, she is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatric Public Health Department of Family, Population & Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University School of Medicine.



Our Fall 2020 Research Interns

Barnard College

  • Anisa Marhull

Brigham Young University

  • Elaine McBride

Christopher Newport University

  • Alexis Khuu

Columbia University

  • Sanaea Burhariwala
  • Madhuri Narayan, Teacher’s College

Duke University

  • Alisa Adhikari

Fordham University

  • Alexandra Parker

Georgia Tech

  • Anna Goddard

Harvard University

  • Jennie Liang

High Point University

  • Nora Bauso

Kenyon College

  • Stephanie Walsh

Muhlenberg College

  • Mikal Kalus

New York University

  • Monisha Ravisetti
  • Srimayee Dam
  • Alara Sedef Tuncer
  • Trisha Gupta

Princeton University

  • Colton Wang

Ramapo College

  • Jeffrey John Lieto




Stony Brook University
  • Emily Weinstein
  • Meenu Johnketty
  • Sidrah Durrani
The George Washington University
  • Samantha Lewis
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Hanna Siemaszko
University of Michigan
  • Julia Salamango
University of Pittsburgh
  • Vidya Surti
University of Southern California
  • Amanda Shen
University of Washington
  • Zainab Zahra
Vanderbilt University
  • Grace West

Our Past Research Interns

Adelphi University
  • Stephan Steiner
Arizona State University
  • Chad Johnson
City University of New York
  • Diamond Camacho
Colgate University
  • Kaila Daza
College for Creative Studies
  • Niti Punjabi
Cornell University
  • Ann Li
  • Leona Ofei
  • Samantha Rachmil
  • Khalfani Louis
  • Jessica Feldman
Duke University
  • Sophie Hurewitz
Farmingdale State College
  • Ellen Vecchio
Harvard University
  • Jess Livornese
Hofstra University
  • Brittany Davis
Indiana University
  • Gretchen Nihill
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Chelsea Daniel
Lawrence College
  • Anushka Shetty Sarah
New York University
  • Airey Vitter
Pennsylvania State University
  • Hifzah Malik
Princeton University
  • Alexandria Skarzynski
Rutgers University
  • Jenna Buono
Sciences Po Paris School of Public Affairs
  • Sophie Meyer
Stanford University
  • Leah Tolby
State University of New York
  • Jessica Orstman
  • Rachel Horner
  • Helen Judge
  • Kelly Simmons
Stony Brook University
  • Andrew Uterano
  • Dorothy Pierre
  • Kelly Gair
  • Daniel Mahoney
  • Kate Aufort
  • Helena Valla



The George Washington University
  • Sasha Somuah
The Ohio State University
  • Julia Cetta
University of California
  • Zennia Dillon
  • Julia Haarhuis
University of Edinburgh
  • Chelsea Brown
University of Pennsylvania
  • Jiayue Jiang
Vanderbilt University at Peabody College
  • Marian Knotts
Virginia Tech
  • Devika Shukla
Wellesley College
  • Madeleine Potoskie
  • Danielle Brubaker
William and Mary University
  • Timothy O'Neill
Xavier University
  • Valerie Tobi
Yale University
  • Sophia Zhao
  • Daphne Zhu
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