How are children, adolescents and families without reliable access to the internet and/or other resources brokering and handling the transition to online school, homework, socializing, extracurriculars, and the exigencies of daily life, such as health care? What about children who must share their limited connectivity and/or devices with others?

Join us for “Digitally Disconnected: Understanding the Digital Divide During COVID-19,” a Children and Screens Ask the Experts webinar addressing the ways that COVID-19 has exacerbated the digital divide for children and families. This virtual workshop will explore how children and adolescents struggle to cope with the demand for constant connectivity with limited access to fast internet and/or the devices they need to attend virtual school and connect with peers. A panel of multidisciplinary experts from the fields of public health, education, psychology, and parenting will discuss how a lack of internet privileges in the digital age is affecting the socioemotional, developmental, and physical wellbeing of children and what parents, schools, and policymakers can do about it. In addition, this important webinar will provide useful resources, tools, and opportunities for communities in need as well as recommendations for how those with ample resources can help.

For those who are interested, there will be an opportunity at registration to indicate whether you would like to ask your question live on camera during the workshop.

Meet the Speakers


Lee Rainie

Director, Internet and Technology Research,
Pew Research Center
Networked: The New Social Operating System

Nicol Howard, PhD

Assistant Professor,
Coordinator of the MALT Program,
Co-Director of the REAL Lab,
School of Education,
University of Redlands

Dr. Beth Holland, PhD

Research & Measurement,
The Learning Accelerator

Colleen Kraft, MD, MBA, FAAP

Professor of Pediatrics,
Keck School of Medicine,
The University of Southern California,
2018 Past President,
American Academy of Pediatrics

Angela Siefer

Executive Director,
National Digital Inclusion Alliance

antwuan wallace

Managing Director,
National Innovation Service


Webinar Highlights

In a year punctuated by major shifts toward online school and activities, health crises, racial disparity, and political division, on Wednesday, March 24th, Children and Screens hosted “Ask the Experts: Digitally Disconnected: Understanding the Digital Divide During COVID-19.” A group of the country’s leading scholars, digital equity experts, educators, and pediatricians, led by Lee Rainie, the Pew Research Center Director of Internet and Technology Research, discussed how a lack of internet connectivity, device availability, and a larger system of inequity in the digital age is influencing the socioemotional, developmental, and physical wellbeing of children. The esteemed panel of experts offered solutions at the individual, community, and national level, and empowered everyone to do our part in closing the digital divides.

What are some screen media-related trends that have been observed among youth in the past 20 years?

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This Webinar's Article

How Parental Controls, Monitoring Apps and Media Plans Can Support Healthy Digital Media Use

  • By Children and Screens Staff
  • March 13, 2021

Keeping children safe while still giving them room to grow and develop can feel like a delicate tightrope walk for parents, especially when it comes to the internet. On the one hand, you’d like your kids to learn to be independent and make responsible decisions on their own. On the other hand, you would also like to protect your kids from every possible danger, including digital media overuse. When it comes to finding that balance, parents often wonder when it’s safe to introduce screens and devices into their children’s lives, what kind of restrictions to enforce, how closely to monitor their kids’ behavior, and how to respect privacy while still looking out for their children’s social, mental, cognitive and physical wellbeing.

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