During the pandemic, how much screen time is “too much?” Which parental control apps and programs are most effective? To what extent should parents have control of kids’ devices and their content – should they develop a trust based strategy, a control based strategy, or a combination of both approaches? Should parents reward their children with screen time and punish their children by removing it? How can parents start the conversation around screen time?

Join Children and Screens on Wednesday, March 10th at noon EST for “All in the Family: A Conversation about Media Rules, Parental Controls, and Family Media Plans” At this Ask the Experts webinar, a panel of esteemed researchers, clinicians, and parenting experts will discuss how to navigate parenting in the digital world, sharing the latest evidence-based advice about parental controls, monitoring apps, family media plans, digital media rules conversations, and more. World-renowned experts will explore pandemic parenting as well as how to plan and monitor digital media use for years to come.

For those who are interested, there will be an opportunity at registration to indicate whether you would like to ask your question for the panel live on camera during the workshop.

Meet the Speakers


Laura Jana, MD

Associate Research Professor,
Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center,
Pennsylvania State University

Pamela Wisniewski, PhD

Associate Professor,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Central Florida

Adam Pletter, PsyD

Clinical Child Psychologist,
Democracy Medical Center

Katie Davis, EdD

Associate Professor, Information School,
Adjunct Associate Professor, College of Education,
Founding member and Co-Director, Digital Youth Lab,
University of Washington

Elizabeth Milovidov, PhD, JD

Digital Safety/Digital Parenting
The Parent’s Guide to Parenting in the Digital Age

Tiffany Shlain

Emmy-nominated filmmaker;
Founder, Webby Awards;
Co-Founder, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences;
Author, 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week


Webinar Highlights

Hear Dr. Paul Weigle, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and Dr. Jean Twenge, a psychology professor and digital media researcher, as they explore the dynamic impacts of digital media on teens’ mental health and physical safety.

What are some screen media-related trends that have been observed among youth in the past 20 years?

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This Webinar's Article

How Parental Controls, Monitoring Apps and Media Plans Can Support Healthy Digital Media Use

  • By Children and Screens Staff
  • March 13, 2021

Keeping children safe while still giving them room to grow and develop can feel like a delicate tightrope walk for parents, especially when it comes to the internet. On the one hand, you’d like your kids to learn to be independent and make responsible decisions on their own. On the other hand, you would also like to protect your kids from every possible danger, including digital media overuse. When it comes to finding that balance, parents often wonder when it’s safe to introduce screens and devices into their children’s lives, what kind of restrictions to enforce, how closely to monitor their kids’ behavior, and how to respect privacy while still looking out for their children’s social, mental, cognitive and physical wellbeing.

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