Ask the Experts Webinar Series

Healthy Habits

Fostering Physical Health in a Digital World

Are my daughter’s screen time habits contributing to her weight gain? How can I ensure I am choosing the healthiest foods for my son? Are active video games worse than outdoor exercise? What does wellness look like in an increasingly digital world?

School’s in Session

How to navigate the upcoming academic year

How do I prepare my 10-year old for the upcoming school year? My son is anxious about trying to catch up and get back into the swing of in-person school; what can I do to help? As we approach this new school year, what does school life look like as we transition out of the pandemic?

Modern Love

The Realities and Dangers of Digital Dating

What are the risks to online dating for my teen? How can I help my teenager navigate digital communication in her new relationship? Are teenage dating apps safe? How do I start a conversation about the risks of sexting?

Digital Reset

A Primer for Transitioning Out of the Pandemic

As we approach the beginning of the end of the pandemic, what does life after the height of social distancing look like? How can parents and children “digitally reset” to decrease daily screen time, which has gotten high during the pandemic? What are the best ways to ease back into face-to-face learning and activities? What can parents do to optimize virtual or hybrid learning for the rest of this school year and next? 

Digitally Disconnected

Understanding the Digital Divide During COVID-19

How are children, adolescents and families without reliable access to the internet and/or other resources brokering and handling the transition to online school, homework, socializing, extracurriculars, and the exigencies of daily life, such as health care? What about children who must share their limited connectivity and/or devices with others?

All in the Family

A Conversation about Media Rules, Parental Controls, and Family Media Plans

During the pandemic, how much screen time is “too much?” Which parental control apps and programs are most effective? To what extent should parents have control of kids’ devices and their content – should they develop a trust based strategy, a control based strategy, or a combination of both approaches? Should parents reward their children with screen time and punish their children by removing it? How can parents start the conversation around screen time?

Oh, The Places They’ll Go

Reading in a Digital World

How is reading on paper different than reading digitally? In choosing screens to trade off convenience and cost, will I be sacrificing my child’s reading comprehension?  What are the best practices for young people’s reading both on- and off-screen?

Eyes on Screens

Maintaining Your Kids’ Ocular Health in a Digital World

Do you wonder how extended screen time is affecting  your child’s eyes? Curious about blue light and whether the new glasses really work? Do you want some tips on how to protect your child from becoming nearsighted?

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Children and Screens

Helping children lead healthy lives in a digital world

Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development is an international non-profit organization founded in 2013 to understand and address compelling questions regarding media's impact on child development through interdisciplinary dialogue, public information, and rigorous, objective research bridging the medical, neuroscientific, social science, public health, educational, and academic communities.

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